An Inspired Hiatus

An Inspired Hiatus

Facilitating Lift! and Inspired have brought me such joy!!! It's bittersweet, then, to share that both are on hiatus while I baby-step through a big life transition.

I’m so grateful for the deeply satisfying trek that led to these sources of encouragement through story, especially for all the beautiful friends I’ve made along the way. I'm eager to get back to all of it when life allows.

After several years of enjoying exponential growth in my writing life, changing circumstances presented me an opportunity to resume a journey I necessarily detoured from in the last decade. I'm pursuing my version of sustainable living.

The strenuous steps involved in that pursuit leave me momentarily without the capacity to dedicate time and energy to Lift! and Inspired. But a writer writes! So, I've acted on the encouragement of friends and begun sharing about this journey over at Pacing Ourselves on Substack.

I'd love for you to join me there as I travel a road to sustainability with my husband and our rescue chihuahua, Bilbo.

Until we meet between the pages of story again, may you find peace in your own pace!