Guest Feature - Tammy Partlow

Guest Feature - Tammy Partlow

Can Elizabeth justifiably end another human's life before sunset? What choice does she have when her young daughter's life is on the line? 

In the Inspired prequel to her novel Blood Beneath the Pines, Tammy Partlow explores a hard choice and the theme of justice. A setting in her suspense tale "An Unexpected Garden" was prompted by the photography of writer and Lift! reader Karen Anderson.

Born and raised in the Deep South, where her imagination ran wild, Tammy Partlow claims story runs in her DNA. An outdoor enthusiast now at home in Wyoming, she can be found hiking, biking, gardening, and capturing it all on camera to share with others.

Tammy’s suspense novel Blood Beneath the Pines is a haunting narrative of an unquiet past reaching across four decades for justice. For more about the novel and for updates on its anticipated sequel, visit and connect with Tammy on Facebook.

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