Guest Feature - Terri Moore

Guest Feature - Terri Moore

Guest creative Terri Moore delivered lovely handcrafted cards for the "You've Got Mail" Inspired contest.

Responding to prompts from Mari in southern Africa, Terri designed modern birthday and anniversary greetings in silver, blue, and purple. Like all Inspired participants, Terri went above and beyond with her creativity, crafting bonus anniversary and birthday cards for the September birthday edition of J. Bea Wilson's Lift!

Terri designs cards for all occasions under the name Crafty Cat. About the name, Terri says, “I have had a cat since I was fourteen years old and now have multiple cats and love them to death. I have always wanted a craft store and to call it the ‘Craft Shack’ (just a little ol’ place to get together).”

For details on how to purchase Crafty Cat cards from Terri, message J. Bea.

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