Guest Feature - Tessa Burns

Guest Feature - Tessa Burns

With "Through the Ashes," a story inspired by actual events and detailed by prompts from Lift! readers, writer and artist Tessa Burns invites readers into a firsthand experience of overwhelming loss, resilience, and recovery.

A school nurse by day, Tessa has contributed to several anthologies and is preparing to publish a romance novel. Tessa's family lost their home and neighborhood in the devastating 2017 Tubbs Fire in Northern California. "Through the Ashes" explores the emotions and thoughts brought about during such tragedy and the gifts that faith, family, and friends bring to recovery.

Tessa created the artwork above to accompany the story, as well as bookmarks featuring original artwork for each prompt submitter.

To learn more about Tessa's creative ventures, visit and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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