In December 2019, a friend and writing-life mentor posed a significant question: “If you could write anything you wanted, what would that be?” Without hesitation, I said, “Novels!”

Then began the fun work of deciding what kind of novels. Led by a prayerful and reader-focused process learned through FlourishWriters (now available for nonfiction writers through the FlourishWriters Guide to Writing), I found my novel-writing passion.

The Blemished Sheep Series

Can we trust a God who allows disability and disappointment?

We all face this question as we encounter disability in ourselves or others.

For me, the short answer is yes. But my journey to that answer has been long and doubt laden.

Abiding peace has come to me through pressing into hard questions about disability and disappointment. I’d love to keep pressing into those questions and that peace with you through story.

The Blemished Sheep Series is adult fiction recasting biblical accounts into modern or future contexts featuring characters challenged by disability. There are six novels planned for the series.

Ready for Publication



I invite you to explore the crossroads of faith and disappointment with me. Details about my publication journey and opportunities for beta reading and being part of my book launches will go to readers of my monthly Lift! newsletter.

I'm always looking for a rich reading or film experience featuring characters with disability. If you have a recommendation, I'd love to hear from you.