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Testimonials from Reader Participants

So fun to be a character in a story! J. Bea obviously not only loves writing. She loves her readers and is very interactive! If you're looking for something to brighten your day, this is the place for you!

- Sherry, Inspired, April and June 2023

The story based on my "Wedding Bloopers" prompts turned out very fun and cute! I just love what J. Bea is doing with these Inspired contests!

- Laura, Inspired, June 2023

I enjoyed offering a story premise and getting my idea featured in a short story. J. Bea goes above and beyond by providing a PDF of the story and acknowledging the winner in her newsletter. It’s a fun contest with a rewarding end.

- Sarah, Inspired, July 2023

Testimonials from Creative Participants

Participating in J. Bea's Inspired contest was full of surprises for me, including how satisfying it is to write short stories. Working with a prompt provided an intriguing challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the helpful and instructive edits with J. Bea. Give it a try!

- Janet Joanou Weiner, featured Inspired author, March 2023

My participation in J. Bea's Inspired contest was an exercise in craft! When I worked on the short story, I implemented skills I use in my WIP but with her readers' constraints. Actually, the constraints pushed my creative boundaries for the better. But the best benefit of this experience was working closely with J. Bea in the editing process. She is a proficient and gifted editor, so I gained wisdom on maximizing my story for full effect as well as insight on craft. And I valued how she ensured changes would be mine, reinforcing my agency as the author. I highly recommend that authors, especially those building their writing portfolio, participate in the Inspired contests.

- Sarah Soon, featured Inspired author, April 2023

Short stories were never on my radar till J. Bea's newsletter popped up with its Inspired feature. Then suddenly I was, well, inspired! Deciding on a theme and working from someone else's prompts was a challenge and so much fun. J. Bea is a joy to work with and made me look good even before the story came out! The Inspired contest is one of the most original and enjoyable newsletter highlights out there. Give it a go!

- Susan Marie Graham, featured Inspired author, June 2023

Creatives, would you like to be Inspired?

Are you a writer, artist, crafter, or musician seeking connections with a new and inspiring audience? I’d love to feature your creativity in a future Inspired mixer. Please use the Inspire Me survey to tell me more about yourself and your creative projects and why you’d like to join the Inspired fun!

The Inspired Journal

Descriptions of the creative responses inspired by Lift! readers appear in the Inspired Journal below. Except as shared by mixer participants, full access to creative responses go to Lift! readers only.

Far Trek - The Perplexed Generation

Far Trek - The Perplexed Generation

Dec 04, 2022

I had a great time using Lift! readers' prompts to write a fictionalized travelogue of my Florida trip that pays homage to an old television show I've been binging of late.

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Guest Feature - Terri Moore

Guest Feature - Terri Moore

Mar 31, 2023

Guest creative Terri Moore helps others deliver encouragement with her handmade Crafty Cat cards. Her custom designs for birthdays and anniversaries lit up the September '23 Inspired contest.

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Guest Feature - Nancy Ness

Guest Feature - Nancy Ness

Sep 04, 2023

When Emma Robbins follows her estranged grandson, Ford, to see what he's up to in the apple orchard, she connects with him over the impressionist movement and receives new sympathy for the twenty-seven-year-old loss of her infant daughter Daisy. A glimpse into Emma's journal reveals the impact of her recent encounters with Ford on her journey of emotional healing, as well as hope for their future relationship.

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Guest Feature - Mari Eygabroad

Guest Feature - Mari Eygabroad

Feb 05, 2023

Featured author Mari Eygrabroad delightfully captured the give-and-take necessary to keep the sparks of love and mutual respect lit between young marrieds Callie and Jared. Her story "Whoops! Braless in the Bahamas!" is a fun adventure inspired by prompts from Lift! readers Sarah Soon and Jennifer Elwood.

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"Ask the Stars" Inspired Story Wins Contest

Mar 05, 2023

The December short written by J. Bea Wilson and inspired by the photography of Sonia Amin won The Company's Wildcard Writing Contest!

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